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Interlocking Design

Our patented interlocking design allows corners and couplers to assemble and disassemble easily allowing the sandbox to be relocated or stored for the winter.


Surface Attachment Options

Our sandboxes are designed to be installed on all surfaces. Stakes are included in each kit for installing on all soft surfaces. When installing on solid surfaces, we offer a Strapping and Buckle kit which allows panels to be secured without staking panels into the ground.

Attaching the strap and buckle kit to the bottom tabs in panels allow panels to be adjusted inward and held in position to eliminate bowing outward. Simply tighten the strap so that panels are pulled in slightly.

Removable Seating

Removable corner and bench seating are sturdy and safe for all ages. The snap together design allows for simple assembly without any tools

The removable bench seat can be added to any kit creating seats for up to 3 small children. Seats also add a great additional play surface for all those trucks and toys.


Ground Barrier

SandLock includes a polyethylene erosion fabric barrier in each kit. This barrier is designed to stop weeds and insects from coming up into your sand while still permeable to allow water to drain out.

Coupling System

SandLock's patented design coupler panel locking system. This system is included in our two larger kits and allows panels to be coupled together effortlessly. Completely interchangeable for all panels.


The Cover Lock System

This is truly a unique one of a kind design that allows you to simply secure the cover to the sandbox.

Placing an exercise ball allows cover to be supported for better airflow and great water runoff.

Cover attaches to interlocking corners with sewn-in shock cords. Simply stretch shock cord over notches in panels. This easy to use design keeps the cover in place in all weather conditions. Shock cords can be adjusted for tightness.


New in 2011, SandLock started adding vents to all sandbox covers. The vents are designed to allow air to move into the cover, helping minimize condensation from developing on the underside of the cover. Vents are extremely effective when used with exercise balls to support the cover from inside. The exercise ball will help properly elevate the cover to allow proper airflow to enter the vents as well allow water runoff.


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