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SandLock Sandbox



  5' x 10' Sandbox with Cover

      (59" W x 118" L x 10" H)

    Made of all HDPE Recyclable plastic!

    Our 5' x 10' kit includes:

  • Six 10" x 59" Interlocking panels with couplers
  • Four removeable corner seats
  • Ground barrier
  • Heavy-duty vented cover


    What Makes our Sandboxes the Best:

  • INTERLOCKING: Patented Interlocking design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.
  • DURABLE: Commercial grade solid plastic (HDPE) with UV stabilizers
  • GROUND BARRIER: Heavy-duty erosion fabric barrier is designed to keep plants and insects out while still permeable to let water out.
  • COVERLOCK™: All SandLock Covers include the CoverLock shock cord system.  Shock cords are sewn into corners and sides of cover and used by pulling on to notches in sandbox.  This design allows covers to go on and off easily  while staying on in extreme year round outdoor weather.  Our covers really work!


    Suggested Retail Price

  • $589.00 with Cover

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    Solid Surface Installation

        Order Strap kit: SLA-60120SK

                 Retail Price:  $29.00

    When installing the sandbox on solid surfaces where

    stakes can not be used the Strap and Buckle kit is

     needed to keep panels in alignment.

     To order strap kit call us direct at:

                 (866) 963-9422



                     Corner Seat Kit...

Each kit come complete with study removable

corner seats.  Seats simply snap together and

are placed over any corner of sandbox. Additonal

corner and bench seat are also available on our

accessories page. 



                   5' x 10' (CSG-60120)


"Supporting the Cover"

Coverlock System...

One of the most important feature in any sandbox is the cover.  SandLock has design the CoverLock system which is easy use and will keep the cover on your sandbox in any weather condition.  Shock cords are sewn into the corners and the sides of the covers allowing you to simply attach the cover to the notches located in each panel creating a secure fit.


Vented Cover Feature...


In each of our covers we now sew in Vents designed to allow to get inside and prevent  moisture collecting on inside of cover.


Ground Barrier...

Our sandboxes include a ground barrier material designed to provide separation for the sand and what ever surface you place it on.  This ground barrier will keep insect and plants out while still allowing water to pass through.





Instructions Easy-Fit Sandbox Covers! Protect Your Sandbox
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